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Charlie Chaplin of Blue TinRoses

Charlie, beautiful Twinkling Star Dust's handsome son, is my husband's tomcat. He will enrich our cattery for a few litters, afterwards he will stay with us as a neuter.
Our heartbreaker has easily managed to twist us around his paw, so we had no chance but to keep him. To him his mother passed down her sunny character, from his father he got the toughness and he has the irresistable charme of both parents.
But he does not only captivate with his gorgeous personality, but with his superb look too.

12/17/2009 treatment with ultrasound - HCM negative
Parents and ancestors HCM-MybPC3-Mutation-gene tested negative
HCM-MybPC3-Mutation negative through parents
FeLV, FIV und FIP negative

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